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Enviei um e-mail à Keune Internacional questionando a política de testes em animais e se vendiam na China atualmente. Responderam que não vendem na China e não realizam testes em animais, bem como seus fornecedores. Além disso, informaram que a linha "So Pure" era totalmente vegana com a exceção de um produto (coloração 3000), conforme e-mail abaixo. E caso eu quisesse saber se um produto específico era vegano, bastava perguntar: 

"Dear Eliana,

Thank you for your email.

We do not test our products on animals nor do we sell our products to China. Attached a statement.

The 'Keune So Pure Natural Balance' product line is vegan-friendly.

In the remaining Keune product lines several vegan-friendly products are available.
Unfortunately we don't have a single overview with all Vegan-friendly products.
There are two ways to get further informed on the ingredients used in our products:

1. Together with the cosmetic product a declaration of the used ingredients is presented on the packaging. These ingredients are listed by their INCI names (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient). This way you are able to check for yourself, which materials were used in the product.

2. Or please inform us on what type of product you are interested in? And we will perform a specific search for you.

Hope this information will help you further on. Please let us know in case of additional questions or requests."

Perguntei sobre as tintas da Keune, quais eram adequadas para veganos. Segue a resposta:

"Dear Eliana,

Thank you for your email.

Semi Color (24xxx); Keune Color Man all shades (1600x) are vegan-friendly.

Tinta Color all shades (26xxx) are not vegan friendly (including the Tinta Color Ultimate Blonde range). This range contains a natural silk protein.

The 'Keune So Pure Color' product line (28xxx) is vegan-friendly with one exception.

After the date of 16 Jul 2015 we have introduced a new product within the So Pure Color range.

This concerns the So Pure Color no. 3000 (28030). This product contains Beeswax and is not vegan-friendly.

Magic Blonde (16423) is not vegan friendly, because it contains Serica (Silk Powder).

Cream Bleach (16424) is vegan-friendly.

So Pure Color Blonde Lift Powder (23351) is also vegan-friendly.

Please be aware that the above answers are based on our current portfolio.
In practice their might be still products present in the market, which are no longer part of our portfolio, have been reformulated over time, or new products might be launched after this date.
The INCI declaration on the packaging gives you the opportunity to double check which ingredients were used.
Hopefully the above answers will help you further on.

Please feel free to contact us again for additional questions or comments."

Algumas das colorações contém proteína da seda e cera de abelha (destacado em vermelho acima). Conforme a resposta do SAC, essas colorações não possuem ingredientes de origem animal:

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  1. OLA!!1
    EU vi que a coloracao so pure continha toluene na formula e outros quimicos. o que acha?

    1. Olá, tenta entrar em contato com o SAC da Keune e questionar isso pra eles!


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